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Using K9 technology to load / unload to the loading dock


Going further from the latest newsflash on DH-VOCS dated 18/03/2015, this series of photos shows how DH-VOCS in K9 execution, and equipped with hinged ramps at the outboard edge of the platform, can be used to transfer cargo from a smaller vehicle with lower floor level to larger vehicle with higher floor level, or to a higher loading dock.

  • The K9 technology enables the platform to reach out above the loading floor of the vehicle [option OVU013.C];
  • The hinged ramps at the outboard edge of the platform can be raised in vertical position to serve as trolley stops [option OVP120.A.R]. Once arrived at the higher floor level of the larger vehicle or at the higher loading dock, they can be swung open over 180° to form a loading bridge between the lift platform and the higher floor level.

Other options visible on these photos:

  • Flashing platform lights [options OVE201.A + OVE202]
  • Automatically folding safety rails [option OVP332]
  • Marking of the safe-operator position on the platform [option OAT140]
  • 2-button wander lead with spiral cable [option OAE001]
  • Flip-up door opening over 135° instead of 90° [option OVF064 = standard on K9 execution]

The K9 execution is available as DH-VOCS.07.K9 with 500-750 kg capacity, and as DH-VOCS.10.K9 with 1000 kg capacity. Both lifts are type 2 (contact Dhollandia for more detailed technical information).