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Small mezzanine lift DH-VZK.05


In warehouses where forklifts are not (or not always) available, column lifts can be a very helpful tool to move pallets or roll-cages from the ground level to a mezzanine floor, and backwards. The DH-VZK.05 is one of the smallest alternatives in Dhollandia’s offer of stationary column lift applications.

The DH-VZK.05 offers 500 kg lift capacity on a 1000x1600 mm full aluminum platform, and can reach up to approx. 4000 mm lifting height. The platform can be closed and stowed vertically to clear the floor space, and is manually opened when it’s operation is required. The DH-VZK shown on the photos in this newsflash has following characteristics:

  • spring-operated bridge plate at the inboard platform edge
  • fixed leading edge at the outboard platform edge
  • roll-stops just in front of the fixed leading edge at the outboard platform edge
  • one longitudinal safety rail at the opposite side of the lifting mechanism
  • one swinging lateral safety rail across the outboard platform edge
  • 380 V pump unit

The DH-VZK is designed for lifting / lowering goods only. It can be operated in manual mode (operator continuously pressing up or down button), or in automatic mode (lift travels up or down automatically within a safe working range). Should you required further information on this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact us.