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Hinged ramps on integrated rear frame lift DH-VOCS


Since the integrated rear frame lift DH-VOCS.07.K1 won the Golden Innovation Award at Solutrans FR in 2013, Dhollandia has continued to develop this weight champion, increasing the lift capacity, and extending the number of options of the lift (*):

  • From 500-750 kg lift capacity on model DH-VOCS.07.K1 to 1000 kg on model DH-VOCS.10.K1
  • Possibility to integrate flashing platform lights on the platform [option OVE201.A + OVE202]
  • Lifting height above floor level up to loading to dock height [K9 execution = option OVU013.C]
  • Automatic safety rails/ fall protection [option OVP332]
  • Floating platform point to enable easy alignment of the point of the platform with uneven ground surfaces [option OVP214].

Now 2 new options have been launched that further expand the functionality of this lift:

  • Flip-up door opening up over 135° instead of 90° to increase the free clearance for the driver on K9 lifts with increased lifting heights above floor level [option OVF064]
  • 2-piece hinged ramps at the outboard platform edge, serving as roll-stops in the raised vertical position, or as access ramp in the fully open position [option OVP120.A.R]

(*) Consult Dhollandia for further detail. The DH-VOCS.07.K1 is available in 2 executions:

  • type 1 as ultra-light-weight execution, 100% focused on reducing the proper weight of the lift and maximizing the vehicle pay load, but available with less options;
  • type 2 as slightly heavier execution, more focused on additional options.

The DH-VOCS.10.K1 1000 kg is always built as type 2 lift.