Non-Genuine Spare Parts "is it worth the risk ?"

During the past few weeks, various customers have raised legitimate worries regarding independent part suppliers promoting non-genuine, spurious and pirate spare parts for DHOLLANDIA tail lifts and other brands.

Some of these spurious parts are recognisable as a different make or a copy, others are almost exact copies in their form and shape. After inspection of a basket of parts, we were forced to conclude however that significant quality deficiencies exist among these spurious parts, and that some of them don’t give any reasonable life expectancy or durability at all.

The use of low-quality parts can lead without doubt to repeated repairs in the short term, repeated vehicle downtime, extra repair costs and risk of accidents etc, all an inconvenience you would rather spare yourself.

Besides the quality issues and the related financial and health and safety risks, we wish to point out as well that a lift repaired by means of spurious spare parts actually loses the protection provided by the suppliers certificate of conformity, and that every manufacturer is likely to deny responsibility in the case of an incident.

DHOLLANDIA Genuine Spare Parts = Genuine peace of mind, in todays culture of litigation, be reassured that all genuine Dhollandia spare parts are rigorously tested and come with our standard 12 moinths warranty and quality assurance.

Our appointed service agent network are committed to only supplying Genuine  DHOLLANDIA spare parts, search for them here

The top left photo demonstrates one example. The top picture is a spurious piston rod, the bottom a genuine DHOLLANDIA rod in hard chromed stainless steel. Both after the same salt spray test. This example doesn’t require further comment. Don’t let temptation get the better of you.