Manual DH-AM used for horse ramp application

For many years, DHOLLANDIA has built a solid reputation for premium, visually attractive horse ramps with hydraulic opening and closing of the platform, incl. emergency controls in case of a failing battery supply. In order to offer solutions for all segments of the horse sport, DHOLLANDIA has adapted the existing manual ramp type DH-AM.25 to suit loading and unloading horses.

The DH-AM.25 horse ramp features a light-weight aluminium platform pivoting around 2 laterally mounted hinges. The opening and closing is supported by gas-cylinders mounted on the back of the platform, which can be adapted in strength and quantity to suit any additional coating or covering that might be added on top of the platform surface. It can be mounted at the rear aperture of the vehicle body, or at the side, and is compatible with many different types of body. The DH-AM is very simple and easy to operate. As it is fully independent of any battery source, hence it benefits from maximum reliability and has virtually no maintenance cost (except occasional greasing of the 2 hinges).

Should you require further information on this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our technical-commercial staff members.